After each one’s session, please evaluate the following resource persons.

1. Sir Vim Nadera

2. Sir Ver Pacete

3. Ate Dang Gamboa


Hello Campers!

Our Camp Blog experience is almost over. We hope your newfound skills, be it Blogging or creating Learning Objects,  will be a big help once you go back to your schools.

We know that your stay here was pressure-packed and full of deadlines but we hope it was fun as well. We were just preparing you for your life as our regional ICT champions.

Before everything ends, we would like to know, “how was your Camp Blog experience?”

For participants of Camp Blog 1C, you can rate your experience here.

For participants of Camp Blog 2A, you can rate your experience here.

Thanks and we hope to see you in future Camps!

Tired of accomplishing those lengthy evaluation forms? Well, here’s good news for you!

On-line registration forms are being posted for Camp Blog 2A participants to evaluate the following resource persons and their respective modules:

Module 1: Basics of Learning of Objectives (LO) by Ms. Maui Salang-Dulce

Module 2: Presentation of the LO Developing Tool by Ms Reina Sison-Gagno

Members of the Training Team of Camp 2A will alert you when it’s time for you to give the verdict:)

For more details, get in touch with Joed Alcid and Charity Dosayla.

Blogging  is an emerging medium one can use to express one’s ideas and opinions. Resident iSchools tech wizard Mr. Rodel Sinapilo discussed how this new medium can eventually be used to generate localized educational content.

Mr. Sinapilo’s presentation traced the brief history of blogging, its uses and different types. He highlighted the benefits of blogging for enhancing one’s audience reach. He even showed a short video clip to illustrate the adage “think before you post” referring to a blog’s ability to reach billions of readers.

Afterwards, participants were taught how to create their very own WordPress account to jumspstart their blogging. They were guided by the speaker through a detailed and step-by-step use of WordPress.

You can download here Mr. Sinapilo’s presentation. Did you learn a lot from his discussion? Evaluate him here.

Photography is not a result of a “point and shoot” style. It is a communication which involves the eyes, heart and mind, according to a well-established photojournalist, Mr. Jimmy A. Domingo of De La Salle University.

Mr. Domingo explored the world of photography and shared his knowledge to the participants, as he discussed to them camera features and how to apply them in the right time and with the right objective. He also lectured on the different styles of taking pictures, elements, and timing to capture great images.

The participants’ enthusiasm was very evident, as they applied the inputs shared to them, during the hands-on activity with the guidance of Mr. Domingo himself.

Download materials here.

Learned a lot? Evaluate him here now.

Research plays a vital role in gathering materials; be it paper or online writing. Thorough and intensive research is highly recommended.

The smart and good looking iSchools staff, Christian Placido Calma, shared his wit as he discussed online research.

The power of internet makes research work easier. Not everything in the net is factual, so the need to evaluate the resources is very important.

He stressed the responsibility of using the internet in conducting research. Plagiarism as part of his discussion has different forms, whether intentional or not. Proper citation for written and multimedia is encouraged to avoid such. He also introduced plagiarism checking software to the participants as a tool that will assist them in all their research work.

Wikipedia is discouraged to be cited for academic and scholarly purposes, it can only provide an overview of a certain topic.

Want to give comments? Evaluate him here now.

Download his presentation now. Online Research

Useful Tool

In almost every aspect of our life, planning is essential. We plan in order to produce good results and minimize mistakes.

The same goes with blog sites; planning is indeed valuable.

iSchools Project Manager, Ms. Antonette Torres, introduced the concept of site planning to the participants using the FreeMind tool – A free mind mapping software. FreeMind is a user friendly tool that helps the user organize and visualize the would-be outcome of their blog sites.

She gave a walkthrough of the software to the participants. Afterwards participants applied FreeMind in preparing their blog sites.

How much have you learned in Ms. Toni’s lecture? Evaluate here.

Download her presentation here. Content Planning_FreeMind